Tyrannosaurus rex vs. Indominus rex

Tyrannosaurus rex vs Indominus rex


Tyrannosaurus rex vs. Indominus rex

On Jurassic World movie, there is a moment where Tyrannosaurus rex is fighting with an Indominus rex. This was a fun dinosaur movie but this scene was incredible. I felt like a little kid again seeing the T-Rex save the day. Also the skeleton that he destroys when he shows up is a spinosaurus skeleton which is a middle finger to Jurassic Park 3.

After rewatching this again I can REALLY see how brutal the Indominus was being, Rexy seemed to have given up before she was smashed into the gift shop Owen and the others were in, she was basically limp when Indy lifted her up. She expected Indy to just stop and accept her victory but when she kept going Rexy realised this was really to the death. That’s why just before she was dropped onto the shop she tried one last attempt to fight her way back up only to be smashed down, that was when she gave up and why she loosely kicked her legs as she was down. She’s old, tired and outmatched. Indominus was going too far and she clearly enjoyed knowing she could take out something that was putting up a good fight. The way you know Rexy was pissed was how quickly she got back up AND she smashed her into the building as soon as she did, not ONCE but TWICE. She did the same move as she did just to show her how it felt xD I love it. Rexy is a good girl, good on Blue for lending the help when she needed it.

What’s interesting about this fight from an evolutionary standpoint, is that the T-Rex would’ve had the upper hand all the way through. Even though the Indomitus Rex had the larger forearms, it was created into an amalgam animal with Raptor, T-Rex and several other different dinosaurs so it’s attacking/fighting style was off balance. As opposed to the T-Rex which had evolved millions of years ago into the fine tuned killing machine that it was…as was Blue and why she was able to survive her attack on the Indomitus Rex too. Sorry Indomitus Rex….evolution WILL ALWAYS create a better predator than science EVER WILL.

Everything about this scene is friggin beautiful. Nostalgia from seeing the queen Rexy, justice in seeing her smash through a Spinosaurus skeleton, thrill from seeing her fight Indominous, fear, sadness and tense at the sight of the possible end of our beloved Chaotic Neutral anti-hero at the hands of the Chaotic Evil Indominous. And then, joy with Blue returning and then non-stop excitement from the tag-team, then fear, but somewhat grudging respect for I-Rex as she gets up for another go and then awe and relief at the Mosasaur finishing the job.

The T-Rex strength is stronger than Indominus Rex But the Indominus Rex’s Hands are longer than T-Rex’s 🤣

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