EPC-Belfast: “Energy Performance Certificate for Houses in Northern Ireland”

This article is provided by, a provider of EPCs in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The EPCs a legal requirement for all houses marketed for sale or to let since 2008.

What do the Energy Performance Certificates show?

As per the Department of Finance, the Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) show the energy performance rating of buildings, from A for the most efficient to G for the least efficient and is valid for 10 years.

Consider it an energy label for buildings not unlike those energy efficiency ratings of electrical appliances such as fridges and washing machines, enforced by building regulations.

The EPC allows the owner of his house, or any other property, to know how costly a property is or how eco-friendly is in terms of carbon emissions. Prospective owners and users of the building can also use the EPC to understand the energy consumption and carbon emission of the building so that they can reduce energy use and save money.

An energy-efficiency rating is an indication of good energy performance of the building, and it can be achieved if users could make recommended improvements and other cost-effective measures.


For both dwellings and non-dwellings, the EPC will show:

  1. the current rating
  2. the potential rating after recommendations were implemented.

The rating is a measure of the energy efficiency, which is associated with fuel consumption and carbon emission.

When is an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) required?

An Energy Performance certificate is required when:

  1. A property is constructed
  2. For existing properties, before they are marketed for sale
  3. A property is marketed for rent.

Take note that seller and landlords must order an EPC for the buildings before they market them for sale and rent.

During the marketing of the properties, the property agents will need the EPC so that they could include it in any commercial media for that property that includes brochures, newspaper advertisements and property websites.

A copy must also be given out to the new owners/tenants after the sale/rent.

What does the Law say about EPCs and how long are EPCs are valid for?

The Energy Performance Certificate should be produced whenever a property is marketed for sale or rent at the time. As a buyer or tenant, you are entitled to receive or be shown the EPC and accompanying recommendation report from the landlord or seller. In an event that the EPC is not made available to you as a buyer/tenant, you are entitled to contact the sellers/landlord or relevant enforcement authority who will act on the matter on your behalf.

An EPC is valid for 10 years before expiry. It can be used multiple times within this period before a renewal of the EPC that is valid for the next 10 years is required.

This can be done by ordering an Energy Performance Certificate only from an accredited energy assessor who will visit the property to conduct the assessment. When the building is assessed and rated, the energy assessor will lodge the EPC onto the Northern Ireland register and provide the owner with a copy of the EPC.

District councils are the enforcing authorities for the EPC in Northern Ireland. For more details visit

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