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Gone are the days when environmentalists exclusively deal with green living. Now, all of us are enjoined to get into the act to save our environment. We have to exert much effort in order to catch up with what we have lost. You should be one with us. Don’t hesitate to do your act because there are only very simple techniques you should undertake.To reiterate, green living requires simple strategies. These may be done in your own homes. Start it and who knows you will be able to make a difference in this world. Play your part and be a role model to others. Here are the easiest ways you may practice in your daily living.General thoughts on green living for the home – pre-cyclingIf you think recycling is already an important part of going green, well there is something you may do better than that. This is called the concept of pre-cycling. Pre-cycling means setting your goals on the items you will purchase so that you will be able to recycle these materials later on.One concrete example of pre-cycling is buying things in packages that you may reuse later on. For instance, you may purchase towels with a paper carton. The carton may be used to decorate your home or in filing some of your documents. This may happen most especially if you bought the towel with a decorative box.Eco friendly living in your kitchen – what you should doInside your kitchen, there are many items you should start getting rid of. One is the use of paper towels. Such type of paper may not be recycled. Moreover, it will only add up to wastes in landfills. Replace it with cloth towels instead. These are washable and reusable. Below are other good things on going green that starts in your kitchen:Food preparation. You may also prepare food for your family in lunch boxes especially for your children who go to school and your husband who goes to the office daily. This is a more eco friendly technique over the use of paper bags and plastic.Bottle recycling. There are many bottles in your kitchen – usually those that come from seasonings and other condiments. You should reuse these jars or bottles for other things. Decorate and place them in your bedrooms, bathrooms or living rooms. If they are large enough, you may use them to store leftovers. These are very simple pointers on green living that you may follow.Learn how to cut back on energy – this is one of the best green optionsMuch more than focusing your thoughts on materials you purchase and items to recycle, one of the green living concepts you may adapt in the home is cutting back on energy. This means gearing towards energy-saving techniques. You may do this through the following steps:Use lights only when necessary. Always turn the lights off when you leave your bedrooms or bathrooms.Use warm clothing during winter and cotton clothing during summer. That way you avoid using much of your heaters and air conditioning systems.Avoid using your vehicles if you can walk to your destination. A substitute is utilizing your bike. This will get rid of air pollution which is a common problem in going green.These are but some of the many ways you may do to save the environment. As you take all these things seriously, a lot of people will thank you for your effort. Start green living through practices in your home now. There is no reason for you to delay the act.Property of RecoverMyPc Inc.

Three Guiding Principles of Green Living – green living

Green Living is an admirable goal. But most of us can’t embrace a crunchy-granola-live-off-the-land- like pioneers kind of lifestyle. If you don’t know the simple steps to take, being eco-friendly becomes a time and money drain wrought with guilt. But most would take green options if they were clear and simple.What if Green Living became the norm? With a few basic guidelines, 2014 can become the year of living green without hassle or guilt. Below are 3 Guiding Principles of Green Living that can easily change your life and take care of our planet.Three Guiding Principles of Green Living:

Waste Not. This is so simple that it should be the basis for all decisions. Minimize the trash you create. Don’t use four paper towels if two do the job. Start a compost pile. Don’t waste gas idling in a drive through line when you’d already be done if you’d just gone inside.

Use, re-use, re-cycle or donate. Max out the usage of everything you own. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure so consign items or at least donate. Re-use plastic food containers, recycle all items you can and reverse the horrible trend of the throwaway mentality.

Eliminate toxins. It is mind boggling how many poisons we create and then dump back into our bodies and the environment. The biggest culprits are pesticides but there are plenty of synthetic chemical mysteries that serve as food additives, artificial fragrances, and pharmaceuticals. Toxins are just as the name implies – they are toxic and they are slowly poisoning us and the Earth.
Using these guidelines makes Green Living pretty easy, right? The next time you are at the grocery store, these Green Living principles will help you purchase food amounts that will have no waste, offer minimal packaging (or hopefully packaging you can reuse), and you’ll choose products that are organic, natural, and free of toxins.Throughout your day, you can choose minimal waste options – don’t use a bag if you only buy one thing and use your own reusable water bottle instead of plastic water bottles.Another significant Green Living arena is to speak out against the prolific use of pesticides. It is easy to control the use (or non-use) of pesticides in your own home. But remember that our schools, businesses, and all public spaces have odorless, colorless synthetic chemical pesticides sprayed every few months. Not green at all.Adopting a Green Living Lifestyle isn’t hard. It is easy to live green if you take baby steps guided by simple Green Living principles.